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To my wonderful clients:


I am happily celebrating that I have been practicing massage for a little over 12 years and have been at my private practice for about 5 years with your support. So, thank you very much!  


Whether you've been with me for 10 years or just a couple months, I cherish my time with each and every one of you! We have been through births, deaths, marriages, divorces, injuries, career changes, celebrations and hardships. I am blessed to work with all walks of life.  My mission has always been to create a safe space to provide a client centered session in our ever changing lives. Thank you for trusting and allowing me to creatively practice! 


In order for me to continue doing this work and cover increased overhead costs I will be increasing my rates. This rate increase has been carefully considered since the last time I raised my rates 2 years ago.


The increased rate will take effect on February 16, 2024. 


In addition to the rate increase, you’ll also see a change in the way I offer my massage services. 


Packages – I will no longer offer packages, but will be happy to fulfill any outstanding packages you might already have. 


Massage – I am simplifying my massage options by only offering one “Custom Massage” experience which is customized to your individual needs at any given time. This can include a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, manual lymphatic drainage, reiki, aromatherapy, cupping, hot stones, and any other modalities I am trained and certified in. 


New Custom Massage Rates:

30 Minute – $55

60 Minute – $95

90 Minute – $125


Thank you so much for valuing my services and continuing to choose me as a part of your health and healing journey now and in the future!


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  




Crystal Simpelo Gilman

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