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I have never had a massage before.  What should I expect at my first session?

If this is your first appointment with me, I will first have you fill an online intake form.  If you don't have access to the internet, please let me know and we can fill out the paperwork before your session.  This intake will help me better understand your health and goals.  It will also allow me to rule out certain techniques that may cause further complications.  I do not share any of your information with any third-parties.  

How long will a session last?

For every session I will spend the full time hands on plus some time for getting on/off the table, intake and exit consultation as far as a set a plan of action for you health and wellness for future sessions.  Most clients add  10-15 minutes to their session for total time at my office.  A sixty minute session takes about an hour and 15 minutes and a 90 minute session takes an hour and 45 minutes.  

What do I wear to my massage?

You can wear anything you'd like since you will most likely removing most, if not all your clothing.  I tell my clients to undress to their comfort level.  Some people leave their underwear on, and that is perfectly okay.  I will step out of the room to give you privacy and you will get underneath the sheet and blanket.  During your massage, I will only undrape the areas I will be working on.  

What if I feel uncomfortable during my session?

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make the session more comfortable.  If the room is too warm/cold, I have a space heater, extra blankets, and also a fan in my space to accommodate your needs.  I can also adjust the face cradle to your liking and my massage pressure as well.  Which brings me to the next question.  

Is my massage treatment supposed to be painful?  Is it any less beneficial when the pressure is light?

As long as you feel comfortable with the pressure I am giving then all is okay.  Bottom line is massage is beneficial no matter what depth of pressure is given.  We all experience massage differently, so some techniques may be more intense to some.  There may be times I may work on an area I feel needs more deeper work and there may be some discomfort.  Please let me know if you are comfortable and we can work through these areas.  We all don't have to go by the statement of "no pain, no gain." 

Do I have to do anything during my session?

Just relax!  I try and encourage all my clients to close their eyes, focus on their breathing, and meditate during their session.  If I need you to change positioning, I will quietly let you know.  Some people do like to talk during their session too, and that is fine.  I usually will not start conversation unless you do first.  If any time you have questions, feel uncomfortable, or want more/less pressure do not hesitate to let me know.  

How often should I receive massage?

I always say that depends on a person's stress level.  We all experience stress differently.  I always say that some is better than none at all.  I generally encourage clients to receive massage at least once a month.  I have some that may get them once a week and some that receive massage once every three months.  If you are looking for some occasional relaxation then a session every 4-6 weeks may be fine.  However, if you are looking to address a specific condition, I recommend going more frequently at first and possibly tapering down to a maintenance type schedule.  

When should I not receive massage?

If you have a condition which would prevent you from enjoying massage, i'd advise you not to book a session.  This would mean if you have a fever, cold/flu, or contagious skin infection.  I will be happy to reschedule your appointment if any of these come up for you with no cancellation charge penalty.  There are also many conditions in which I may need to adapt techniques (i.e arthritis or osteoporosis) or avoid an area completely (i.e. cuts or burns).  

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment is accepted in cash or credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). My gift cards are also acceptable.  

How will I feel after my treatment?

After a session most people will say they experience decreased tension and relaxation.  The day after some may feel some soreness in areas that may have had more deep tissue work done.  To prevent this from happening, I encourage you to drink plenty of water.  One of the major benefits of massage is increased circulation.  After receiving massage, your blood/lymph is moving quickly and a lot of that stagnant blood/lymph has been released.  Increasing your water intake after a massage will allow those stagnant fluids to filter.  When your body is healing after a massage treatment, it requires a lot of water.  This is why I tell all my clients to drink lots and lots of water every day!  

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand that unanticipated events happen in everyone's life.  In my desire to be effective and fair to all my clients and out of consideration for my time, I have a 12 hour advance notice when canceling appointments.  This allows time for someone else to take that spot.  If you are unable to give advance notice, you may be charge 50% of your missed appointment.  Anyone who either forgets or no-shows their appointment will also be charged 50% of your missed appointment.  Appointment times have been arranged specifically for you, so please know that if you arrive late, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate other appointments that may follow yours.  Thank you!  

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